Thursday, March 26, 2009

Malls R Us is prominently featured in a new documentary called "Malls R Us", that premiered last weekend (3/21/09) in New York City at the Museum of Modern Art. Being at the premiere and seeing us on the big screen was definitely an accomplishing moment!

The movie will be shown in Montreal this weekend. In the United States it is distributed by Icarus Films, and hopefully will be shown near you at some point, and eventually on television.

Myself, Jack Thomas, and Pete Blackbird took part in filming in June 2007 near Cleveland and Akron, Ohio. During the filming, we got some awesome interior shots of Randall Park and Rolling Acres malls, and on the ride home, Euclid Square Mall.

I will post a page with pics from the exciting event in the near future, including exclusive footage not shown in the film! And when the movie becomes available for sale on DVD, I will link it here as well.

'Malls R Us' is eye-opening, showing us the unfortunate fate of not only malls dying in the United States, but where the new ones are ending up, and the motivation behind their creation and the developer's drive for their project to be the biggest and best. Your perception of the shopping mall will not be the same after you see this!

-- Brian Florence,


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