Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Blog Contributor

Hi, I'm Alan David Doane, and for a long time I've been interested in issues of cultural decay and suburban sprawl, so it's very exciting to me to finally be a part of the Deadmalls blog.

By way of establishing my Deadmalls cred, let me point you to two interviews I have done with author James Howard Kunstler, one from 2000, and another, more recent (and timely) one from 2007.

Kunstler has been kind of my spirit guide as the entire world slowly slides into what he calls The Long Emergency, and he certainly saw our current and near-future state of affairs coming long before most other observers ever noticed we had any problems at all here in Los Estados Unidos.

When I am not writing about The End of the World, I write about comic books, my life, movies, TV and other subjects at The ADD Blog at Comic Book Galaxy. Feel free to have a gander at that if you're so inclined!

My thanks to Brian, Jack and Pete for having me aboard, and I hope I'll be able to provide some interesting links and commentary in my time here.

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